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Here at Northwest inspections we understand this is one of the most important investments in your life. Let our certified and trained team help you really figure out what you are buying and investing in. We will inspect like no inspector before.


Rates and Service

Residential Properties

– Single family home       – Duplexes 
– Multi Family Homes      – Townhomes
– Condos                              – Apartments

Standard Inspection

– Foundation/Basement    – Plumbing
– Exterior                                   – Electrical
– Roofing                                   – Interior
-Attic                                            – Garage
– Heating/AC

Investment Properties

– Rentals                        – Commercial
– Vacation Homes      – Office Buildings
– Condos


Rates are just like homes. Each one is different!
Please call or send a email to get a Special rate for your home today!
Inspection lasts about 2-3 hours and reports within 24hrs

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Modern Online and PDF Reports

Our Reports are clean, easy to read, and straight to the point. Emailed and easy to access online.
                                                                     Take a look at some Samples below.
– No Login, No Username (Each inspection has a Custom URL)
– Agent Specific PDF and Client Specific PDF
– Quick Agent Repair Requests
– Pictures and Detailed Reports
– Quick Reporting In under 24hrs
– %100 Satisfaction

Sample Reports below. Take a look!

PDF Sample Report

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Online Sample Report


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